In 2000 Valentine moved to South Beach where he rented an apartment next door to the offices shared by Independent Film Project and the local Audio Visual nonprofit, and became as active as possible in the sparse local film scene.

From 2002 to 2004 he wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in the self-financed the PG-13 ROMANTIC SCHEMER, a 90 min, PG-13 romantic comedy shot on super 16mm color film. Romantic Schemer has the rare if not unique distinction of having only two actors in the entire movie. The ingenious idea is so cleverly crafted that it goes unnoticed. What’s more, Valentine used a leading lady (Diane Sorrentino) who’d never acted before, and a crew who’d never made a movie before. This well acted writing and producing feat came in on budget at $125,000. But there was no interest from Hollywood so the film never got a theatrical release. It is currently available on VIMEO and Amazon.